Thursday, 22 November 2012

who is the first teacher of the children?

Parents are the precious gifts of the God. A little child comes in mother’s lap. Baby wants trying to speak the first word Mama or Papa. Basically father or mother is the first   place of learning for the children. According to the God orders, we ought to obey them and respect them. Young generations doesn't following the orders of the God and do misbehave with the parents.

Parents are at a loss to know what to  do so they resort  to repeating, reminding and explodingParents are the first teacher of the children. Children are always watching and learning the parents. Parents are guiding the children how we should spend the life in this crocodile world?

                       No one sincere with us but parents are always sincere with us. Children are always capturing the moments of their parents how are they doing and after that they are follow them. When we are growing up we forget each and every thing which our parents have done with us. We deceive them and apply rude behavior.... 

Sometimes, we are shouting our parents when they feel too old and weak .we have to listen carefully what are they said?
                                                                         A new generation is ignoring their parents and they are forgetting that parents are the first teacher. We are ought to respect them with heart and soul...



  1. Good friends share your opinion that today new generation ignoring or doing misbeahve with thier parents rather than previous generation?

  2. Good Work And nice topic.
    Yes sure teachers play a vital role in making children personality

  3. thanks kamran to give positive response

  4. Good Job Mehreen.
    The primary learning place of every child is Parents' lap.Very Rightly said !

  5. mehreen in my opinion previous generation were much more sensible and they respected their elders as compared to new generation...... because in past children were the center of attraction n parents gave quality time to their kids but now a days the world is so materialistic n parents are busy in earnings n the child is get neglected i think this is one of the biggest issue in the upbringing of a child

  6. Good work Mehreen ....
    Nice topic

  7. i will agree with atiya as world economical condition plays an important part in our life people are more concern about earning for their children rather then spending quality time with them.