Thursday, 22 November 2012

who is the first teacher of the children?

Parents are the precious gifts of the God. A little child comes in mother’s lap. Baby wants trying to speak the first word Mama or Papa. Basically father or mother is the first   place of learning for the children. According to the God orders, we ought to obey them and respect them. Young generations doesn't following the orders of the God and do misbehave with the parents.

Parents are at a loss to know what to  do so they resort  to repeating, reminding and explodingParents are the first teacher of the children. Children are always watching and learning the parents. Parents are guiding the children how we should spend the life in this crocodile world?

                       No one sincere with us but parents are always sincere with us. Children are always capturing the moments of their parents how are they doing and after that they are follow them. When we are growing up we forget each and every thing which our parents have done with us. We deceive them and apply rude behavior.... 

Sometimes, we are shouting our parents when they feel too old and weak .we have to listen carefully what are they said?
                                                                         A new generation is ignoring their parents and they are forgetting that parents are the first teacher. We are ought to respect them with heart and soul...


Bad Addiction


   Bad addiction is very harmful for human beings. We ought to know what addiction is. Addiction means someone habitual or used to that thing. Addiction may be good or bad. Bad addiction includes alcohol, cocaine, vine and the most famous bad addiction which is cigarette.
Mostly young generation is doing smoking causes of fashion or may be depression. If we discuss about good addiction which is healthy foods, strolling, and reading book and eat fresh vegetable but remember one thing that addiction can always be bad when there is an EXCESSIVE amount of it.

                                                                                                                                                           Why people are doing smoking or addicted of different drugs?   When they are suffering some cumbersome circumstances so they thought they have no option...they lost their patience and adopt smoking. We ought to learn what our Islam says, our Islam makes us learn to be patience, tolerance in every bad crises or circumstances but at that time we are totally losing presence of the mind.

                                                         Mostly people doing smoking which is very harmful for lungs but they aren’t in scenes what are they doing?
Often children are lost their father because of bad addiction may be smoking or drugs and they being orphan. Women are also used to bad addiction because they are afraid with the life and them thinks no one loves them or care them or gone to depression time period.

Media is giving the awareness about smoking through the advertisement but approximately educated people are doing smoking. When we are asked the smokers: why are they do smoking they are said what can we do? Smoking can damage the every part of our body...
                                               Mostly people are doing smoking due to unemployment, failure in exams, disturb the relationship, someone deceives him. Why are we don't think that's not exam of success these all are the chances which GOD gave us....Real exam is life what will we do? To whom will we do and why will we do?
              And we will achieve the results at the doom's day....that will our final result of life, so doesn’t  afraid or fed up with the life .These are all the chances to the success , think positive and strongly hold the grip of God's rope.

               I was a chain smoker